Thank you for visiting our Donations page!


We are happy to accept donations in the form of school and office supplies, and new or gently-used furniture, outdoor play equipment, etc.  We kindly request that donors avoid giving items that are damaged to the point that they might create a potential hazard to our students.  

If you have an item to donate, complete the form and we will contact you to schedule a pick up or drop off time that is convenient to you.  Please do not drop items at campus without an appointment.


100% of all monetary donations received are used to enhance our student program (Life Skills Courses, Career Navigation, Exploration Classes, etc.)  In the near future we plan to dedicate donation money to the awarding of scholarships for students who want to attend Traditions but whose families cannot afford tuition. 

We can accept monetary donations in the form of cash, check, or Zelle payment using the email address


Since honesty and integrity are virtues we highly value and teach to our students, we want to start by stating right up front that Traditions – Freedom Through Education is NOT a non-profit private school.  This means that any donations made, monetary or otherwise, do not provide our donors with any tax-deductible benefits.  However, the personal benefits to your heart, soul, and the American Spirit are priceless.

What is behind our choice to stay a for-profit private school?  It’s simple.  We are too invested in the vision of what Traditions is and should become to entrust its future to a board of people who are required to see eye-to-eye and share the same motivations in order to make important decisions. As I’m sure you would agree, schools like Traditions are rare and in short supply. We must do all we can to protect it so that we can continue to grow and forge honorable, educated citizens. 


As an independent private school, we greatly appreciate your generosity!  It provides us hope to know that you share our vision and support our mission.  We look forward to establishing a strong presence of doing good in the community and demonstrating our commitment to our students and their families.


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