As each day passes, we see more and more evidence of our freedoms being threatened under the guise of it being “for the greater good.” We need to raise youth who will not only elect virtuous leaders, but also demonstrate courage to harness the power within themselves to make a positive impact. We need more institutions that support family values and teach youth to defend personal liberty. Today’s youth are our best and greatest hope for preserving our liberty and protecting the promise of our future. This is why Traditions was created.


We forge honorable, educated citizens through the cornerstones of Intellect, Virtue, Patriotism, and Civic Engagement.

Intellect = intelligence, common sense, deep understanding

Virtue = adherence to God’s laws of morality in thought and deed

Patriotism = thorough knowledge about, loyalty to, and a love of the United States of America

Civic Engagement = building relationships with and making a positive difference in the


Traditions – Freedom Through Education is a K-12 private school in Magnolia, Texas.

We recognize that each student is a unique individual with their own strengths,
weaknesses, and learning styles. To maximize their potential for academic mastery, we meet them where they are and create a system of support. Every child should experience the victory of successfully overcoming and mastering their challenges.

Starting with our youngest students and continuing through to our graduates we introduce and reinforce virtuous mindsets and behaviors. When virtue becomes a foundational aspect of their character, honor and justice ensue.

We want to make a difference to our students, so they can then make a difference in the world. Traditions looks forward to creating lasting connections in our community and building strong relationships. If it will preserve, defend, protect, or improve, we want to help!


There are benefits to a private school having accreditation, namely that it’s easy to transfer to a public school. It used to be a status symbol in the education realm, but due to the ever-growing popularity of homeschooling, most colleges and universities have adopted alternative methods for accepting new students who did not attend an accredited high school.

Pursuing and maintaining accreditation is a long, expensive process for smaller schools, and is only offered to schools with a non-profit status. Traditions – Freedom Through Education is not seeking accreditation for these reasons, and has chosen instead to partner with Lonestar College campuses to offer a dual credit option to our students. We prefer to put our money back into our student program, instead of paying for an unnecessary designation of status.